Introducing the Moduul. This Moduul is a range of tech accessories that compliment other tech accessories. They work in glorious harmony to turn ordinary plain, ugly accessories, into beautiful pieces you’re proud to show off. Wait, what? An accessory for an accessory?
Yep, an accessory for an accessory.

For best results, just add Moduul

Think of the Aerios Moduul as what could have been,.. what ‘should’ have been.
Millions (Billions?) of dollars on R&D are spent each year by big tech companies designing and perfecting the tech gadgets you know and love.. unfortunately the accessories that compliment your gadgets are an afterthought. The result is non-functional docks and chargers, that make your beautiful gadgets look cheap.

We decided this wasn’t good enough, and have built what should have been. Our vision for the Moduul range is to create gorgeous accessories for those cheap accessories, that when added together – like a module – they’re something you can be proud to show off on your desk at work, or around your home.

And here it is, the Moduul for the LG G Watch, G Watch R, Pebble time and Apple Watch

Successfully Funded on Indiegogo!

Many thanks to all those who helped turn the Moduul dock for the Apple Watch and Pebble Time into a reality